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Better know oneself to optimize or adapt ...
our positioning in the business environment is now a necessity. Faced with current constraints of business leaders, the traditional approach is not sufficient. The EQINOX method, however, brings particularly effective results. It relies on scientific contributions of the clinical psychology, including work of a group of psychologists from the Universities of Utrecht and London. For 5 years, management consultants in Human Booster and occupational psychologists have developed the model and have enriched many inputs to finalize the modeling of EQINOX method. This EQINOX method, now widely proven, is used daily by the network of certified partners, which is expanding day after day by new consultants looking for added value
The EQINOX method is an assistance ...
framework, both flexible and comprehensive where the diagnosis is the central core. Whether the context of the client is linked to management issues, to optimization of individual or collective performance, or recovery potential, EQINOX method provides partners with the frame enabling them to carry out their advisory role with a wide range of associated tools. They also have access to EQINOX platform, genuine supervision instrument for their consulting activities, where a particularly strong asset is the publishing of specialized and contextualized reports. Well beyond many tools and resources made available to the partner, EQINOX method is primarily a way to achieve an advisory mission, defined by a code of professional ethics.
At time when many in the consultancy ...
business suffer from a decreasing situation, it is vital for a consultant or consulting firm to adapt their methods of intervention. The classical approach is outdated. With EQINOX the consulting world is at the dawn of a new era. EQINOX is, first and foremost, a method created by consultants for consultants who address counseling as a comprehensive action, with a project approach. . In a logic of assistance to decision, Eqinox can test and validate hypotheses in real time by providing instant answers. EQINOX is also the possibility of interactivity between the consultant and the clients, as well as between the community partners and the publisher. By providing a comprehensive and coherent support base and the possibility of creating benchmarks, EQINOX method allows the partner to focus on the added value it brings to the customers: the analysis and the expertise of the consultant. EQINOX provided a spotlight on your outlook. Become a partner!


Eqinox is a method to assist the decision making based on the gap analysis between the motivational resources of the individual and the behavioral requirements of the professional context.

The choice of freedom

Designed to give freedom and flexibility to the consultants for the creation of their consulting services, Eqinox method relies on a wide range of tools and a comprehensive framework of best practices.

The choice of intransigence

The scientific foundation underlying the Method provides a rational and factual dimension that ensures the validity and reliability of the analysis.

The demand for excellence

The certification is primarily guaranteed by the use of Eqinox Method through the observance of a code of professional ethics. This guarantee results from specific training processes for the approach and ownership of the Method.

The support of community

Eqinox is also a network of expert partners and the availability of a support team providing the consultant with information and practical answers.

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